Interactive APP Design: Animated Biological Pathway Building Tool



Media: Adobe Illustrator,, Adobe After Effects

Client: Prof. Andrea Gauthier

Audience: Scientific researchers, professors, students

Outcomes: familiarizing with interactive design, video editing


Description: This design was inspired by the company BioRender. 

MediBuild is an interactive web interface allows users to make animated illustrations for scientific purposes. In addition to creating the static illustrations by using the visual elements/assets stored in the database, the users can use simple pre-made animations in GIF format to define the biological interactions between two biological elements. The final exported animated illustration can automatically play the animation of the first biological interaction until the animation of the last biological interaction in the loop to guide the orientation of figure-reading. Therefore, users don't need to spend additional time on finding where is the starting point of the figure.

Coming Soon!

Process of Work


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